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11/27/06 08:13:53 GMT
Name: Merrick MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Orlando, FL

Toni & Daryl, Bravo on an excellent Christmas CD! We fans have been waiting three decades for this -- and now we know it has been well worth it. I have listened to every track at least a half-dozen times since I received it last week and enjoy it more and more with each listen. The outstanding track, my favorite, is the title cut. Toni, your vocals are just flawless and breathtaking. Daryl, the music and arrangement are gorgeous. The production you both have created in this song is one that makes you want to snuggle into a deep chair, in front of a fireplace, with hot apple cider. It feels like Christmas at home. I love all of the instrumental tracks but, especially, "Daryl Of The Bells." This is one that takes you completely away -- Christmas around the world! -- and is wonderfully magical. There is a 'dark warmth,' if you will, about the song that envelops you, almost trance-like, and reminds me of the mood and tenor of the classic animated film "The Polar Express." Great work, Daryl. I've loved "Tahoe Snow" since your earlier version from the '90s, and it's no disappointment here. I agree with the other writer below that "Boogie Baby Christmas" is pure C&T (I have a feeling that one came through you quite easily, Toni -- great job!), and "Christmas In California" is another wonderful song that conjures up images so easily, as is usual in the way you write, Toni. It's also great to hear "Little Saint Nick" as sung by The Tennille Sisters, and every time I hear the Beach Boys version (which I've been hearing A LOT already for some reason) I now can't help but think of C&T's version every time. The additional background vocals of the sisters repeating the words "Little Saint Nick" is what makes this version extra special. Thank you both (and Becky!) for the long, hard year of effort it took you to not only write, produce, record and master the album, but all the trials and tribulations of releasing it (the "biz" of showbiz), as well. If we believe in something enough, the obstacles are that much easier to overcome. My very best wishes to you, Toni & Daryl, for the holiday season -- and for the success of "The Secret Of Christmas." Merrick

11/27/06 06:22:54 GMT
Name: Mary Jo Brunette MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Somewhere in USA

Hi Toni and Daryl: Like Robyn, my mother also died last year, and I miss her horribly. My health has been bad myself, and just wanted to express how I feel. For some of you, like me, C&T have brought us well over thirty years of GREAT music! Thanks C&T!!!! I TRULY ADORE ALL of the CD. Silent Night brings tears. We sing that one in church every Christmas during the season. It almost feels like my mom is singing "Secret of Christmas" right along with you both...which this song is one of my favorites. I also LOVE Boogie Baby Christmas.... I could just see Toni humming it to Daryl- without the snow, but still LOTS of love... yes, only LOVE remains! The Hippo song is also a fave. SO CUTE!!! Love all those kiddie voices, Toni, very nice (and clever) touch. Daryl's bell number is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Thanks D. for adding SPECIAL El-Capitan music to the collection! I'd like to let an old C&T friend/fan know that I wish him well, and until we all can meet up yonder, MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy New Year to all! Love ya, C&T. Mary Jo <><

11/26/06 00:49:48 GMT
Name: Robyn Pippins MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Atlanta, GA 30311

Hi Toni & Daryl: I want to say thank you for this CD. I didn't have anything to look forward to this Christmas. My Mother died Dec. 1, 2005. I found out that your CD will be coming out this Christmas, I had something to look forward too. You have a beautiful voice Toni. I think that the Captain is a musical Genuis. Thank you, Robyn

11/26/06 00:23:46 GMT
Name: Joyce Hardage
MY URL: Visit Me
Location: Tucson, AZ

Toni and Daryl, Thank you so much for The Secret of Christmas. It is WONDERFUL. Thank you for having this CD out this year for your fans.(As all of us who write to you, consider ourselves number one fans, in our hearts and minds!) Your joy, love and creativity are clearly thru this entire CD. Once again you have made new memories for us and smiles from ear to ear across our faces. I really like Boogie Baby Christmas it is just pure Captain and Tennille all the way thru the song! And I can just picture Toni singing Silent Night on Christmas Eve in a Candlelight Church service. Daryl of the Bells is a creative masterpiece. I have contacted my local radio station (mixfm in Tucson, AZ) and strongly suggested and requested that they play The Secret of Christmas during their holiday program. Thank you once again for great music and sharing yourselves each week in Toni's Take. May God Bless you this Christmas and through out the New Year. Kindest Regards, Joyce Hardage Tucson, AZ

11/25/06 01:43:08 GMT
Name: Randy Hays MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Danville, KY

The Secret of Christmas is a wonderful addition to the Captain & Tennille catalogue. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I love each and every song -- with a new favorite each time I listen! Happy holidays, Daryl and Toni!

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