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12/27/12 17:25:45 GMT
Name: Peter Huntly MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: United Kingdom


03/05/12 14:12:08 GMT
Name: kathleen- machendagoose-sarpi MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: united state

Hi..Iam writing again,Any one out there in Sioux Lookout,If any one knows these people in Auden,Ontario.their last name is Head's.My father was Dominik Head,.I would like to fine out about my history on my side.thx

02/23/12 15:01:35 GMT
Name: kathleen-machendagoose MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Auden,Canada

hi.I would like to fine out who is my real family on my dad side,my dad is Deceased,he die when i was just a baby,or he got murder 1956.His name was Dominic Head,not sure where he was born,Iam not longer in Canada now in the United State.How can i get all the info from Canada.

08/29/11 17:11:36 GMT
Name: Alida St. Amand
MY URL: Visit Me
Location: Alberta

Glad to see the society is still going strong. I was a member years ago & always enjoyed the workshops, meetings & just learning from each other. Good to see you have a website now.

01/20/11 16:46:00 GMT
Name: Christine Lindsey-Hewitson MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Thunder Bay, ON.

Searching for any relatives or information regarding my father (WILF LINDSEY)-BORN AS WILFRED LAPLANTE adoption by his step-father HAROLD LINDSEY at the age of 5 (1945). Bio fathers name is FRANK LAPLANTE, mother is VERA CECILY LINDSEY (nee JOHNSON)now deceased, if they were married it would have been LAPLANTE. My dad's 2 older siblings perished in a fire in 1939 while my grama was pregnant with my dad, FRANK then disapeared, not sure if from war, divorce, because of the fire or ??...any info would be greatly appreciated...Events took place in Fort William,& South Gillies. The area now known as Thunder Bay, ON. and surrounding area.. I have new info for my father born Wilfred Robert Laplante dob April 2, 1939, -Sister Francis Lucille dob-1932, dod Dec 4, 1938, -Brother Richard Michael dob-1934, dod Dec 4, 1938 -Father is Frank Laplante dob-August 1910, whereabouts still unknown, (status-half-breed) -Mother Vera (nee Johnson) Laplante? dob-Dec 3 1912, dod March 1 1994 -Aunt Agnes Laplante dob-Dec 1907, dod ? (status-halfbreed) -Aunt Mary Laplante dob-Feb 1906, dod ? (status-halfbreed) -Grandfather Frank Laplante dob-March 1876, dod ? (status-french/canadian_ -Grandmother Elizabeth (nee ?)Laplante dob-May 1886, dod ? (status-indian) Census taken in 1911 lists "Sturgeon Lake District" for this information. Possible relatives in Sioux Lookout/ Velora area,my dad is very anxious for any info, thank you, Christine

11/14/10 20:11:39 GMT
Name: Bill Spraggs MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: England

Hi My Aunt Mary Spraggs was born in Sioux Lookout in 1922,her mothers sister was married to Dallas Gastmeier a fur trader ,and my grandfather and his brother both worked for Dallas Gastmeier at his store at Watcomb trading fur,My Gt.Grandfather Frank LaLonde and his wife Mary where both at Alcona untill about 1930 when Frank died.kind regards to all Bill

07/20/09 21:03:05 GMT
Name: Bev Wilson MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Winnipeg

My family had relatives in Sioux Lookout and I'm trying to trace them. My aunt and uncle, Jack and Clare Douglas lived and died there. There was a Jessie Morrison probably around 1916 or so. The name Brunton also is linked to our family. I notice your secretary's name is Brunton. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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