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07/27/15 23:07:38 GMT
Name: Perry Moore MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Glendora, CA

Judy - I just finished listening to two Sue Grafton novels, "O is for Outlaw" and "P is for Peril." I have listened to countless narrators on countless audiobooks. I have three favorite narrators and you are one of them. Perhaps my favorite. You lived the stories. You gave them life like I rarely hear a narrator do. I know that this work isn't Tony award winning work you've done in the past, but it is delightful to this simple soul. Thanks for all you do!!! - Perry

11/30/14 23:17:04 GMT
Name: Linda MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: CNY, USA

Judy, I'm a big fan. I love Sue Grafton audio books, but they would be nothing if it weren't for you. You are my favorite narrator and I've loved everything I've seen you in for years.

10/10/14 15:55:30 GMT
Name: Alan Field MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location:

Happy birthday Saturday. I host a program devoted to show music and we'll play songs from BABES IN ARMS, A STEPHEN SONDHEIM EVENING, FACE THE MUSIC and NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT to celebrate. It'll stream live 12n-1PM EDT at www.fgrn.net and 4-5 PM EDT at www.whfc911.org.

09/10/14 03:30:55 GMT
Name: Rachel Cobleigh MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: Ashland, MA, USA

A very belated review of Souvenir... Ms. Kaye, I'm sorry for waiting so many years to tell you how much I enjoyed your work on Souvenir, but I was recently talking about it with my husband (who also saw the show) and I realized that I owed you a review. :) I saw you in this play when it came to the Berkshire Theatre Festival and your performance has remained with me ever since. It was a life-changing experience, particularly the moment when I was laughing at your portrayal of Florence Foster Jenkins's final concert, and I suddenly heard the sound of a vast audience's mocking laughter joining my own. I realized I was mocking someone who didn't deserve to be mocked. Then, when you came out at the end in that gorgeous, color-of-the-nighttime-sky sparkling dress and sang the Ave Maria flawlessly, I was in tears. It changed my attitude toward what is truly important in music and art: I realized that God probably doesn't care a whit about technical proficiency, and that the state of the heart is the real determinant of beauty. The idea that all the while when I was laughing at Florence Foster Jenkins and mocking her lack of self-awareness and poor musical skills, she might have been producing a beautiful, joyful noise to God's ears, was a life- changing idea. And your wonderful performance, conveying the comedy and the tragedy and the beauty of this fascinating woman, was at the very heart of it all. I will never forget what you did that night and the effect it had on me, so... Thank you! Rachel

06/24/14 09:38:02 GMT
Name: michael stennett MY URL: Visit Me
My Email: Email Me Location: UK

Dear Judy - came across your marvellous Kismet pix on your site & just wanted to send greetings & a great big hello.I never worked on anything half as much fun! Best wishes,Michael.

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