1. Why a Guestbook?

Reason for a guestbook is when people who visit your site they can leave comments about what they thought about your site.

2. What support do I get?

If you have problems setting up or configuring your guestbook, please contact us. We're here to help you get your guestbook up and running on your website. Send us an e-mail message to Click Me

3. Can I customize my Guestbook?

Yes you can. You can change the title of the guestbook, change the blank white background with a wallpaper, change the lines in between the comments to actual rectangular pictures ie a row of beads or flowers. You can also add midi music to the guestbook and add "Back To" links to click back to the page the person had come from. New features that have been recently added are changing foreground, background, welcome message and links colors, notifying the webmaster when someone signs the guestbook, thank the guest for signing the guestbook, language filter to reject foul messages, html code remover, delete entries from the guestbook, advanced settings to personalize your guestbook and statistics of the visitors. Advanced settings and statistics are accessible after you have created your account and login to the system.

4. What is the limit per page until a new page is created?

Other guestbooks limit the comments to 10 per page, but that would be silly if people left long comments. It would take forever looking through the pages. This guestbook goes according to size, when it reaches close to 10,000bytes or characters it'll create a new page.

6. Will my Guestbook ever get deleted?

As long as it stays active that is people use it after a period of months. If nobody uses the guestbook that is read or sign the guestbook after so many months then the guestbook will have to be removed because it's taking up unused space.

7. How come my picture images aren't being shown for background/underlines?

The most common error people make is not to type in the correct path. Make sure to verify that you entered the correct path. Easiest way to verify is to actually type it in a browser and see if the browser can fetch and show the picture, if it can then just cut and paste the address and use it in the customization configuration options.

8. Is this Guestbook I get free?

Yes it is with some sponsorship support.

9. I'm using a WebTV browser and can't cut and paste the code?

You can type in the code manually if there is no options to cut and paste. When you are assigned a guestbook the path to read the guestbook is (note: account name is in upper case)
http://globalguest.com/gb/ACCOUNTNAME/guestbook.html and to sign is

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