Companies can now advertise with Global Guest. For as low as $ 1.00 per 1,000 impressions. You can buy an advertising spot on over 50,000 guestbooks! For as low as $ 1.00 / 1,000 impressions of your banner ad, you can have your ad rotated through the over 50,000 guest books in operation. These prices are the lowest on the Internet, and you get real time tracking of your impressions and click throughs at our online ad management site. Half of the users of Global Guest are into the World Wide Web, HTML, programming and other computer related information. These are people who maintain their own web page and are very computer-saavy and the other half of the users are visitors to the guestbooks.
Impressions CPM* Total Price
500,000 $ 1.00 $ 500.00
* CPM refers to Cost Per Thousand Impression for TOP banner displays 468x60 size.
** Targetting Options
*** Add 25cents per 1,000 CPM price if you want to seperate the ads for visitors only or guestbook administrators only.
**** Add 25cents per 1,000 CPM price if you want to serve your ads only once per unique visitor (using cookie based technology).
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